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Indiana Social Security Offices
Locate your local office.


Disability Programs
Information related to disabilities and support, including SSI or SSDI.

Employment Support Programs
Explains programs available to qualified individuals with disabilities entering the workforce, without losing benefits, until able to support themselves.

Funding of Assistive Technology (AT)
Using the Work Incentives to fund AT and make work a reality.

A Guide for People with Disabilities Seeking Employment
Answers questions about your employment rights.

Medicare, Prescription Drug Assistance Programs
Provides information on programs that offer discounts or free medication to individuals in need.

Medicare Rights Center
Resource for online questions and answers about the Medicare program and benefits.

National Medicare Education Program (NMEP)
Provides listing of National Medicare Education Program Coordinators to answer phone questions regarding Medicare programs and benefits. Resource for online questions and answers about the Medicare program and benefits.

Online Publications
Social security documents available online.

PASS: Plan for Achieving Self-Support
Plan to help reduce dependency on Supplemental Security Income by setting aside money or other things to achieve your work goal.

Social Security Electronic Newsletter
Helps you to keep up with changes in benefits and rules.

Social Security Online
Social Security’s web site.

Understanding Medicaid Home & Community Services: A Primer
Tool to help people with disabilities live in the most integrated settings.